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It's true that Menorca is a very special place, we will make your trip to this island an unforgettable and unique experience in which to enjoy the large amount of resources we have at our disposal.

  • We treat visitors as we want to be treated when we travel.

       We demonstrate real sustainability in our activities.

       We live and work in Menorca by choice and with enthusiasm.

  • We offer activities that provide knowledge about Menorca: culture, history, prehistory, gastronomy, archaeology, biology, flora and fauna, local arts... We work hard to reduce the environmental footprint left by tourism.

  • We believe in sustainable tourism.

  • We don't say yes to everything! We respect the rules written by the Biosphere Reserve law and we have moral standards.

  • We work with principles and ethical values that are our reason for being able to offer the wealth of Menorca in relation to the local products and continue defending the rural environment where we have combined tradition together with innovation and work to reach the excellence and sustainability as the maximum priority.

  • We collaborate with local producers, farms,  artisans, fishermen.

  • We carry out exclusive itineraries,  always paying special attention to respect for the environment and its surroundings. For this, the appropriate means are used, both material and human.

  • No car nor boat in our fleet carries advertising, telephone numbers or other contact information or stickers. Avoiding at all times creating an impact on the environment as a result of visual pollution.

  • Menorca Active Tourism keeps on responding to the demands of our clients. With this, we strive every day to be able to adapt to your preferences and be able to offer endless activities, with the sole objective of turning any stay in Menorca into a unique and unrepeatable experience.


  • We are a seal of trust and value that offers exclusive and quality products.

  • We love Menorca and we pass it on.

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